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Hoxro is the world's most intelligent cloud-based legal software designed to
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Legal Billing
Hoxro LMS Legal Management Software Billing Module allows users to quickly produce bills in various layouts. Solicitor’s who wish to create their own legal bills will not need another Cost Draughtsman or Legal Billing Software. Our Legal Billing Software allows Bill details to be easily downloaded to produce Precedent Q’s, saving huge amounts of time when preparing these legal bills. Integrated legal billing also takes out the human errors and time that otherwise would have to be consumed.
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Bill in Different Formats
Set up Matters in Hoxro Legal Billing Software as per your practice needs. You can bill in Hourly, Fixed Fee and Contingency formats. Draft simple formatted legal bills to comprehensive itemized bills of cost. Legal bills can be downloaded in pdf formats, allowing users to easily send to the bill payer.
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Interim Billing and
Non-billable Recording
As every time-recording it itemized, Solicitors can produce interim legal bills and periodic bills. Mark your time recording as billable or non-billable. This is great for Pro Bono work which many solicitors may do and also useful for showing full breakdowns of work done.
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Integrated Legal Billing
Hoxro Legal Billing Software saves vast amounts of time and accuracy by pulling live data from matters. These billing information can then be further modified to maximise your legal bill and to ensure that no work is missed.
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Collaborative Drafting and Approval
Hoxro Legal Billing Software allows legal bills can be created in a collaborative manner, bringing in group interaction to create accurate and maximized bills of cost. Use the inbuilt approval feature which ensures correct authorization before your legal bill is submitted to the client.
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Credit Control
Hoxro Legal Billing Software allows easy reporting of legal bills. With a few clicks users can see the paid, unpaid and part-paid bills. The ability to view bills by payer really brings credit control into control. Law firm are also a commercial enterprise like other businesses and must keep their cash flow healthy.
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Slip Transactions and Expenses
Hoxro Legal Billing Software serves fee earners well by easily allowing the addition of Slips, such as postage and travel expenses. These easily recorded by matter and included in the legal bill, allowing lawyers not to miss the possibly of not including the related expenses of a matter.
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Record Disbursements
Recording Anticipated and Incurred Disbursements is crucial from an accounting and SRAcompliance (COFA) point of view, see www.sra.org.uk. Hoxro LMS Legal Software billing module allows for the recording of billing of disbursements.
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Client Ledger
Hoxro Legal Billing Software allows you to keep an eye on the Client Ledger transactions as they happen. Entries which affect the client ledger can be viewed instantly from the legal billing module.
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