Hoxro’s Legal Aid billing suite covers all areas of Legal Aid billing. We cover Criminal Legal Aid and Civil Legal Aid.

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Criminal Legal Aid

Time record and create bills for your Criminal Legal Aid work. Hoxro LMS have created a streamlined and simple way to bill your Legal Aid matters. Hoxro LMS has a one screen billing information capture for your matter. Hoxro LMS have done away with the disjointed journey of other systems, where data regarding the case is held in multiple screens. Enter all the relevant information in regard to your Legal Aid submissions in one place. Use Hoxro’s checklist which will bring to your attention any missing data before you submit your bills and monthly bulkload submissions thereby ensuring any errors are picked up before you submit.

Police Station Attendance

Enter your Police Station attendance in Hoxro LMS and the system enables you to pick the Police Station in question and the police station fixed fee therein. Add your time including disbursements Your actual time can be entered into the legal aid billing system to determine of you exceed the Exceptional Case threshold. Hoxro will use the information you enter into the system to generate Legal Aid Forms such as CRM11.

Magistrates’ Court

Hoxro has inbuilt intelligence which Bill both fixed fee matters as well as those that fall outside. Select the category, offence, outcome and stage of your matter and Hoxro will do the rest by providing the relevant fee rate. Add your travel, waiting, disbursements and other justified costs to the system. Create CRM11s and include work on the monthly Bulkload Submissions.

Crown Court

Hoxro LMS links to the Crown Court Defence (CCD) Billing Tool enabling the firm to claim the Litigators’ Graduated Fee Scheme (LGFS) or Advocate’ Graduated Fee Scheme (AGFS). You can create your invoice in Hoxro’s Crown Court Billing tool which will automatically work out the costs for the completed matter. This information can then be directly uploaded onto the Crown Court Portal (CCD).

Legal Aid Forms

Hoxro LMS providers all Criminal Legal Aid Forms such the commonly used CRM1, CRM2, CRM3, CRM6, CRM7 CRM11 and CRM18. All forms are mail merged, which means when the need arises to use a form the relevant data within the case will automatically populate the sections of the form.

Monthly Bulkload Submissions

Use Hoxro’s unique Monthly Bulkload Submissions tool, which prompts the user to enter the required information for the monthly bulkload submission into the information screen. Hoxro has a unique one screen view where all the information will be entered. Hoxro connects to the Monthly Bulkload Submission spreadsheet. The data contained within Hoxro automatically pushes into the spreadsheet ready for submission. Once submission is made Hoxro will keep confirmation of submission together with the invoices as per the month of the creation.
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